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Bentonville Bike Fest Bentonville Bike Fest is a unique opportunity to share your products and services

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Bentonville Bike Fest is a unique opportunity to share your products and services.
With a demographic of outdoor enthusiasts, mountain bikers, gravel riders, BMX and trials riders, long-distance riders, health-focused shoppers, families, business owners, professional athletes, as well as the Walmart and Sam’s Club community which includes their service providers and suppliers. Yet as diverse as the audience is - one thing is in common - bikes.

Our festival is all inclusive - that means all styles of riding, all types of bikes, and all people are invited to an inspirational and educational experience located in the Mountain Bike Capital of the World. But Sponsoring our festival goes way beyond our little corner of Northwest Arkansas. In working with Shift Active Media, we will garner international exposure and attention that will live on digitally through photos and videos that will include our Sponsors.

Professional athletes from all over the World will be in attendance, posting and sharing about the event, the competitions, our town, etc. And we aren’t simply talking a few trail rides and sampling - we are building multiple spectator-friendly events covering several different styles of biking where the community can participate alongside the pros.

We offer our Exhibitors a booth space in the heart of the action where you can engage our audience all weekend long. We will host multiple categories of exhibitors including bike-related products and services, outdoor gear and apparel, food and beverages, health supplements, beer garden, community organizations, bike organizations, media partners, and more.

If you are interested in Exhibiting, the sign-up process is simple!

Just Email us through the contact form!

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