Bentonville Bike Fest

where everyone is welcome

Bentonville Bike Fest Provide ‘Riding’ Care’(child care with a bike focus) for Women Shred parents and an open activity opportunity for all participants

Bentonville Bike Fest   Kenny Belaey

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Kids Shred

Buddy pegs will bring in all the fun stuff to entertain your kiddo at our festival area at 8st Market, they'll even have kids specific bikes on display.

Instructors will make sure your kid rides safe and learns the baby steps of how to ride a bike in a proper and safe manner.

We bet when you get home, your kid will want to ride his bike all night long ;)

Rider/parent info
Limited kids per session will be allowed (ask the instructor for information)
Free event
A parental waiver will need to be signed before riding
Wearing of your own helmet is obligatory
Covid19 measures will apply

Spectator info
Bentonville Bike Fest area next to 8st Market
Free entrance event for all spectators
Covid 19 measures will apply

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